Yes it’s true,  we will have a smartboard in the grade 8 classroom this year. This will be an excellent tool for the students to use throughout the year. Smartboard technology is very prevelent within the highschools. Students will have a great opportunity to become familiar with the using the smartboard software on a daily basis. Students will also be able to use the software from their own home to create efective presentations throughout the year. Below I have provided links to help you download the software to your home computer. The class website has many links to smartboard lessons. This will help students take the notes from class back home.

  Click the notebook image to download your own notebook software.

   I will email all parents the code for the software.




Welcome Back Grade 8’s

I have created this site to help us out throughout the year. This website is designed for our class but also for the parents. I will post updates regarding class news (i.e. fundraisers, field trip information, etc.) I will also post a weekly schedule to give students a look ahead at what we will be doing in class. 


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I will have specific assignments in which you will have to blog on this website, but aside from that feel free to make comments or ask questions at anytime. Everyone will be given a nickname/screen name to allow you make posts anonymously. This site is for you, the students, so feel free to give me some suggestions as to what you would like to have on here.